What could be better than reading? Reading whilst drinking from a literary inspired mug. That’s what.


It’s good to know your family knows you well, even if that means they understand your a little weird.

My mother knows my obsession with all things book related, something she’s had to live with throughout the years…
(for example, the immense amount of books we had to sort through and pack up when I moved out) and yet she still
indulges me. This was her latest present, and I’m currently drinking from it whilst writing this blog to you.

The only mistake she made was telling me this mug is only one of a set of 6 other mugs with original pictures from Lewis
Carroll’s marvel and now I fear I’ll spend my food money acquiring them all. Oh well! 

What was the last book related present you loved?

19 thoughts on “What could be better than reading? Reading whilst drinking from a literary inspired mug. That’s what.

  1. I am the same my mum calls me her bookworm I would buy loads of books when Waterstones had a 3 for 2 deal and my mum said I would read them in a weekend and want to go back again.🙂 books are amazing to get lost in.

  2. Oh I want your mug *grabby hands* I have two (out of a possible 6 that are apparently discontinued) penguin classic mugs. One is Pride and Prejudice and the other is The Great Gatsby. I love them🙂

    • No it’s my mug, get you own! *slaps away hands* haha. Awww lovely, it’s a shame they’re discontinued now though. Alice in wonderland is my favourite, so this is the perfect cup for me! But now I’m paranoid in case I drop it… *touches it nervously*

      • Hehe🙂 I know, though I’m still keeping my eyes peeled {that expression always sounds so gruesome}. I can see you cradling your mug and double checking any surface you put it on for stability😀 I’d be the same way! It’s quite pretty and delicate.

      • I never understood that, why would peeling your eyes help you see things? I would think you’d shut your eyes in pain? Great, now you’ve got me pondering that… ahahah. I really am, it’s bone china too, I’m not sure how that’s better than real china, but it makes me more nervous! I shall treat it with the upmost care and attention… “my preciousssss”….

      • EXACTLY!! Peeling my eyes would make them bleed not better at seeing things. *shakes head* and you’re welcome:) I always thought bone china sounded way more fancy than regular china! So, yes, handle with kid gloves. Hahahaha “precioussss”

      • Okay now you’ve got me wondering what makes bone china better than regular china…. Maybe it’s made from bones?? Which would be creepy and awesome at the same time! Don’t worry I am, as soon as I’ve finished drinking I put it somewhere safe, rather than between my knees or balanced on something wildly unsafe like my other mugs!
        And who doesn’t love a little bit of LOTR quotes😀

      • True story I started to say how cool it would be if it was made if real bones but I didn’t want to scare you away. Glad you’re as creepy as I am😉 I mean that as a compliment haha.
        LOTR quotes are always relevant😀

      • It wouldn’t scare me away, in fact if I’m honest it would intrigue me, not sure if that’s a good thing though! Haha. I’ll take that compliment and I shall wear it proudly, the world be dammed🙂
        They are though aren’t they? I often find myself musing on how relevant to life LOTR is… For instance, the clouds are looking very gandalf the grey today. See how well that works!!

      • Hahaha! Phew, glad it wouldn’t scare you away! Okay, so, I’m going to do some bone china research!!
        Wow, I love that reference!!! So relevant. Or perhaps, I love this home, it’s so quaint like a hobbit hole.

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