Sexy Elf assassin boyfriends who work for humanity destroying Dark Kings and finding out your brother becomes a Coyote.

So this week I’ve been reading a few different series. The first of which is The Elfin series, by Quinn Loftis.


It’s common knowledge I’m obsessed with all things fairy, fey, elf etc. So I can never resist reading a new take on it. 
And here begins the story of Cassie Tate. Average high school girl, doing some work for her Dad in his office, out of hours.
Until she goes in search of the paper shredder and sees a group of “men”, with long oddly colored hair, pointed ears and a definite
none human aspect, having a meeting. As they all turn and see her, she suddenly realizes she shouldn’t of been looking and runs to find a hiding spot. Finding a room and locking a door, she turns to see she’s not the only one hiding. Cue Triktapic, sexy assassin, spy and right hand killing machine of the Dark elf king. And what do you know, he says Cassie is his chosen. As in, his forever, no one else, no choice in the matter, chosen. 
He may be super scary and enjoy killing and doing the dirty work for his evil king, but Cassie not only sees good in him, but can’t keep away from him. Plus it helps he’s super easy on the eyes. But love is never easy, as Cassie finds that her friends are actually allies of the Light elves, Triks Kings sworn enemies. And they’re on a mission to stop what ever evil plan the Dark king has in story for humans. A plan Trik has been carrying out. 
Can Trik resist his impulse to do bad, and disobey his King? And can Cassie cope with her need to love a man who is intent on bringing humankind to it’s knees? 

Not only is the story interesting, but the banter between the characters is hilarious. Instead of falling instantly in love with each other, there’s a lot of sarcastic resist and even more hilarious back and forth. Quinn Loftis not only manages to make a serious “end of the world” plot, but combines it with teenagers and thousand year old Elfs who just love to tease each other to the breaking point. 
I found myself laughing so hard in the doctors waiting room whilst reading it, that I got a lot of funny looks. Not that I care, if they haven’t read it, they’re missing out. And so are you! There’s 3 books in the series and each just as funny as the next. 

The next series I’ve just finished is The Timber Wolves series by Tammy Blackwell, starting with the first book (so I don’t give any spoilers) Destiny Binds.


Here we have Scout Donovan, a sarcastic teenage girl, who admits she’s “funny looking”. She likes fighting and has a life long crush on her half brother’s cousin, Charlie. That is until, Alex Cole moves into town. Suddenly her brother and Charlie are starting fights with him, and warning her away. Not that she needs warning away, he’s highly irritating. If only she could stop thinking about him….
And after fighting her curiosity for so long, she decides to give in and get ignore her brothers hatred. And that’s when she finds out Alex is a werewolf. Which is confusing enough, but he also imparts the knowledge that her brother and Charlie are also shape shifters, except they shift into Coyotes.
And so begins their secret love affair, as her brothers pack has issued a law, that she’s under their protection and any fraternization with her means a fight to the death with their pack.

This book had me laughing, crying and desperately wanting to slap some sense into people. Scout is everything we love in a character, witty, angry and having normal ridiculous thoughts just like any of us. There’s 3 books in the series and every single one had me hooked to the end. There’s cliff hangers and plot twists like you wouldn’t believe. You’ll be sat there thinking “NO WAY!” only for that to all of been a ruse. And of course, there’s an epic fight to the death. So what are you waiting for?   

What could be better than reading? Reading whilst drinking from a literary inspired mug. That’s what.


It’s good to know your family knows you well, even if that means they understand your a little weird.

My mother knows my obsession with all things book related, something she’s had to live with throughout the years…
(for example, the immense amount of books we had to sort through and pack up when I moved out) and yet she still
indulges me. This was her latest present, and I’m currently drinking from it whilst writing this blog to you.

The only mistake she made was telling me this mug is only one of a set of 6 other mugs with original pictures from Lewis
Carroll’s marvel and now I fear I’ll spend my food money acquiring them all. Oh well! 

What was the last book related present you loved?

Intelligent, infectious cyber beings and hybrid human love triangles….

So this weeks review is “The Eden Trilogy” by Keary Taylor, starting with book one, Eden (since I don’t want to give spoilers away and ruin it for you!)


What a freaky, yet excellent cover might I add. It’s been remastered in 2013 as “The bane” but they’re both the same book. 

So, let’s get started. 
Sometime in the near future, science creates “TorBane”, a cybernetic technology that infuses with human DNA. It has the ability to regenerate organs, limbs, help cure diseases and deformities and as Morpheous of the matrix would say “Man revelled in his creation!” Until the first people to receive TorBane started reporting having odd feelings in other parts of their body, and then reports start coming in of people with TorBane violently attacking others, who then start showing signs of the TorBane infusing their bodies….

A few years ahead…. Humanity is on the brink of extinction. TorBane takes over the persons body, leaving no trace of the human they once were behind, and TorBane has but one singular thought…. Infecting every last human alive. And that’s easily done, since it only takes one touch of an infected person for the TorBane to infect you.

But humanity is hanging on, and this story centers around a small rebel camp of survivors and one very special girl, Eve.
A year or so after TorBane went global and mankind started running for their lives, a 13 year old Eve shows up at the camp of some survivors, covered head to toe in blood, naked and yet without a scratch on her and no memories of anything before that day except for the name Eve. It soon becomes apparent that she’s different. Faster. Stronger. Doesn’t need much sleep or food. A firm determination. Yet the survivors take her in and become a family to her, and she soon proves invaluable in the fight against The Bane.

Then a few years later, a few random survivors appear in the woods, and when one boy emerges, Eve suddenly starts feeling emotions she didn’t even know her body was capable of. And soon it seems this boy, West, knows more about Eve than he’s letting on…
Things get even weirder, when on a trip into the dreaded cities for emergency medicine, the center of all things Bane, Eve is touched by a Bane. And nothing happens. No infection spreads. Soon she starts to question all she thought she knew about herself. Why wasn’t she infected? Who really is West and why does she feel like she knows him? How can mankind ever put up a real fight against something they created to be perfect, aggressive and unrelenting?

As the Bane get smarter and more relentless in their mission to infect the world, Eve will find out if she’s the key to saving the world, or will she help destroy it?

I have to say, the books kept me enthralled all the way through, it was like terminator meets the hunger games! I possibly read all three books in 2 days (taking time to eat and sleep). The writing can be primitive in places, but that fits perfect with Eve’s emotionless self as she struggles to feel like the human she wants to be. And the freaky Bane who pop up all over the place with murderous intent keep you on your toes and ready to jump off your seat at any moment. 

A brilliant read for anyone who loves a bit of post apocalyptic al, robot drama. It’ll make you look at your Ipad in a whooollleee new light….  

A.G Howard – Unhinged …. It’s beautiful pandemonium

You all know how much I love A.G Howard’s new take on wonderland, Splintered, I’ve been a huge promoter of it in the past.
Her début to splintered, Unhinged has been out since January, but I’ve had such a big reading list I’ve only just got round to it, and what a read it is!! I couldn’t put it down and finished it in two days, and it was only that long because I forced myself to sleep and eat.
This review is about the second book, so if you haven’t read the first one, then get out… right now and hang your head in shame. You disgust me. 

Although I had high hopes for it, there was a certain resigned feeling in reading it, as such an epic remake is usually hard to follow, but holy hell did she live up to it! And just look at this cover…. Yummy Morpheus. 



So Alyssa has been down the rabbit hole and fought queen Red, almost loosing her life and Jeb’s in the process, but was eventually crowned queen of wonderland. And then she returned to the human world, not being able to talk to her new boyfriend Jeb about their adventures, as the wish she made to save his life stole his memories. So she has all these crazy, dark impulses, regular chats with the local insect and plant life and an itchy feeling between her shoulder blades where her wings are desperate to burst free. Not only this, but her newest impulse with her art is no longer dead bugs, but painting with her blood, which seems to be alive and creates murderous scenes involving queen Red in wonderland. Trying to act sane really isn’t going well for her… Bless.

And her mother is now free of the asylum, since she doesn’t need to protect her any more. But that doesn’t stop her trying to control every step of Alyssa’s life to make up for their lost years. 

All in all, a normal teenage life doesn’t seem like it’s going to be the path for her, although she’s trying hard to achieve it. And then he shows up again. Morpheus. (Drools) All sexy hats, stripy trousers, eye tattoos and flirtatiousness. He wants her back in wonderland, because Queen Red isn’t dead like they thought, and she’s coming for them all. But Alyssa doesn’t want to return, not after the horrific experience last time and tries to deny it’s her problem. So what does Morpheus do? What any gorgeous, crazy, nether-ling would do, he enrols at her school to try and hound her into it. And at the same time if he can get her attention and make her hot and bothered with their unexplored wonderland connection then why not ey?

But it seems she can’t run from her problems, as Red stirs up trouble in the human world. Not only that but a mysterious woman starts taking an interest in Jeb and Alyssa isn’t fully convinced she’s human. So she has no choice but to embrace her wild side and tackle Wonderland head on….

This book really takes Lewis Carroll’s book to a whole new level. It gives us a new meaning to “the mone raths outgabe” from the Jabberwocky poem, we find out what “tugley wood” really is and it’s enough to give you nightmares. And she even fits in the poem from the beginning of Carroll’s novel…

 A childish story take, 
And with a gentle hand, 
Lay it where Childhoood’s dreams are twined 
In Memory’s mystic band…

Here’s a few teaser quotes to wet your appetite! 

“All I have to do is set the power free. Escape the chains of humanity, let madness be my guide. If I forget everything but Wonderland, I can become beautiful pandemonium.” – Alyssa

“Of all the times you’ve undressed me in my fantasies, I never remember feeling this..unfulfilled.”
“Please, Morpheus,” I beg upon hearing Jeb stir in the background.
“Ah, but those delectable words,” Morpheus says with a provocative smirk, “those are always in the fantasy”
I glare at him. “Your unbelievable”
“And that sentiment is reserved for the end” (How can you not love him!)

“It’s too easy, when you have unharnessed power at your fingertips to forget you’re not invincible. To make rash decisions that can affect your whole future.” – Alyssa

“Little blossom trapped in between, wearing malice like a queen; 
hide the truth, be cruel and tart, 
still all the more, you rule my heart.” – Another of Morpheus’s rhymes. 

“Morpheus places his hand on Jeb’s busy fingers, eyes opened to slits. “Ah, my pretty pseudo elf.” He takes labored breath. “is it time at last to express our unrequited feelings?”- Morpheus

“Hello, luv,” he says through a thick curtain of blue hair. “Hope I’m…interrupting.” – Morpheus

“Morpheus turns his face to the sky. “I’m afraid you’re the one who’s mistaken, if you think I’m going to let Wonderland fall to rot so you can play ‘pin the male on the virgin’ with your mortal toy.” – Morpheus

“He made a trade. Red’s life for his loyalty. In order to be true you forever after, he had to betray you one last time” – Rabbid White

“I slap his wings in an attempt to get out. “You make me crazy!” His eyes light up, glittering onyx against a backdrop of violet jewels. “And you inflame my soul”…. – Morpheus stirring up Alyssa again

And that’s all folks… If you loved all of that, then go get a copy. If your mind is as twisted and weird as mine, you’ll love it!

Calloo Calay! 



Werewolves – Human and a pet in one.

So I always go through phases of loving werewolf books, I don’t know what it is in particular that fascinates me, but I just can’t seem to get enough. And I’m always looking for one that breaks the stereotypical storyline. And here is one! Caged by Amber Lynn Natusch. 

It all starts with Ruby, who born blind, it subject to witnessing the death of her parents. After “blacking out” from the stress, she wakes up covered in body parts and blood, and how does she know this? Because she can suddenly see. Go forward a few years and she’s trying to make a life for herself, when a strange yet rather good looking man who calls himself “sean” seems to keep popping up whenever she’s in trouble. He starts to creep into Ruby’s life and seems to understand her better than she does herself. 
But when she goes out partying one night and sees a man called “eric”, she gets a strange feeling, like she’s drawn to him, so when he asks her to go to a house party with him, she disregards Sean’s advice that he’s bad news and goes along. Everyone there is not only scary and intense, but look at her like she’s dinner. After one of the men at the party start a fight over wanting her, she demands answers from Eric. It’s simple, she’s a werewolf. Not only that, but a very rare Rouge-blanc werewolf, who is rumoured to be immensely powerful, if not a little violent and sometimes dangerous. And he always throws in the bomb that her friend Sean is a werewolf hunter, and as soon as he realises that she’s a RB werewolf, will kill her on the spot.
And so it begins, as Ruby is thrown into the world of packs, alpha’s, friends, enemies and age old werewolf killers, as well as battling this new, dark presence inside of her. Can she control her wolf, or will she lose it and kill everyone around her? 

It was a little slow to get into, but I love that she’s a regular person, she sometimes needs a cry, other times she’s tells people to go stuff themselves, and she often sees the funny side in life. I will definitely be reading book 2 of this series and lets hope it lives up to it’s predecessor. 

I am however very jealous of these werewolfs. I mean, who needs a dog when you can suddenly have four feet? Bet the shedding’s a bitch though….